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Recuperator de Caldura RENAIR 1000 mc/h - RHR 1000

Recuperator de Caldura Renair

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cod: RHR 1000  
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Heat Recovery Ventilators

Inner air quality and energy efficiency are the new trends for offices , residences , houses and such places. Heat recovery units are perfect solution for these needs and they are highly demanded. Heat Recovery units are exhausting stall air while supplying fresh air. While changing the stall air with fresh air, it transfers the energy of the inner air to the fresh air through a heat exchanger without mixing the stall air with fresh air. So finally, the need for fresh air had been supplied and energy had been saved through the unit.
Main functions of the unit are:.
  • Exhausting stall air
  • Supplying fresh air
  • Filtering fresh air
  • Recovering energy of the inner air by transfering their energy to supplied fresh air


  • Easy mounting of the unit thanks to alternative exits
  • Easy maintenance to all components
  • Optional usage with electrical heater or water coil
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Low noise level thanks to high efficient plug fans
  • Flameproof type isolation
  • G4 class filter
  • 5 speed fans
  • Smart automation of the unit with optional automation boards

Easy Maintenance of the Components

Heat recovery ventilators need periodical maintenance. All components of the unit are mounted on the rails letting them easily out for maintenance. The filters should be serviced after 1.200 working hours which automation reminds service time.

High Efficient Exchangers

The exchangers having certified performances are being used in our heat recovery ventilators. They are high efficient, thanks to design and structure, which creates big amount of energy saving. This saving also decreases total heating and cooling needs of the area where they are planned to be used.

Plug Type Fans

AC, Plug type fans are preferred because of their high efficiency and low noise levels.

Inner Isolation

Flame proof polyutrethane foams are used for thermal and sound isolation. This kind of isolation lets our unit to comply with the fire regulations of the buildings.

Digital Room Controller

RHR units are supplied with a digital room control panel. It can control air flow while changing the exhaust and fresh air flows individually(L/M/H).All the changes could be followed on LCD screen.The mode of the unit can be adjusted to winter or summer.In summer mode only the unit works. In winter mode, Unit and electrical heater works. According to the temperature adjusted on the control panel, electrical heater start up automatically. The ‘’off ‘’ button on the control panel stops both electrical heater and unit. Electrical board comes with the unit, it adopts unit orders coming from room controller.Components like relay,contactor,capacitor and connector are located in electrical board. Required electrical power should be supplied to heater and also to unit RHR Units can connect to Building Automation System via contactor or MODBUS(RS485).Thereby all the features of the unit can be controlled through a centralized system. Fresh air and return air flows can be adjusted with automation panel.Thus,negative or positive pressure could be obtained.
RHR 1000


Debit de aer 0 ... 1000 mc/h


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