Pompa de Caldura Panasonic AQUAREA T-CAP 9kW All in One 220V WH-ADC1216H6E5 / WH-UX09HE5

Pompa de caldura Aer Apa Panasonic

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cod: WH-ADC1216H6E5 / WH-UX09HE5  
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Informatii suplimentare si pareri Pompa de Caldura Panasonic AQUAREA T-CAP 9kW All in One 220V WH-ADC1216H6E5 / WH-UX09HE5


For retrofit and new builds, install the T-CAP heat pump where the kW output capacity is demanding.

Ensure the heating capacity is maintained even at low temperatures

The whole T-CAP line-up can replace old gas or oil boilers, and in a new application with underfloor heating, radiators or even fan-coil heaters, the whole T-CAP line-up is an ideal replacement for old gas/oil boilers. All Aquarea heat pumps can also be connected to a solar thermal or PV system in order to increase efficiency and minimise the impact on the ecosystem.

Key points of the line-up

· Ability to maintain the heat pump kW¹ output capacity until -20°C outdoor temperature without the help of an electrical booster heater
· High heating capacity even at low ambient temperatures
· Additional functions: Auto and holiday mode, boost, drying concrete and power consumption display
· Backup heater capacity can be selected depending on the model (3/6/9kW)
· Cooling mode activation possible via software²
1) At 35°C flow
2) This activation can only be done by service partner or installer

Best efficiency compared to other heating systems

Panasonic Heat Pumps have a maximum COP of 4.85 at +7°C which makes them much more efficient than others heating systems.

With a Panasonic heat pump, there is no need to oversize in order to reach the required capacity at low temperatures

· Panasonic’s unique software and inverter technology for low consumption houses, allows the heat pump to produce heating water at 20°C. When only a little heating is required due to warmer outside air temperature
· All Aquarea heat pump’s have a 10L expansion vessel fitted internally
· Aquarea heat pump’s has an inverter compressor which can regulate the output capacity depending on demand
· New twin dice system included within the system (Twin fan outdoor unit)
· 3/6/9kW electrical heater is included in the heat pump (depending on unit)
· Panasonic heat pumps can work in outdoor temperatures as low as -28°C and guarantee the capacity without backup heating down to -15°C¹
· Panasonic heat pumps are very quiet and have a noise reduction setting for night mode. 

1) 35°C flow temperature.

More Energy saving

T-CAP is also able to provide extremely high efficiencies, whatever the outside or the water temperature.


WH-ADC1216H6E5 / WH-UX09HE5


Producator Panasonic
Suprafata acoperita 75 ... 120 mp
Sarcina Termica sub 10 kW


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