Pompa de Caldura Panasonic AQUAREA High Performance 12kW Mono-bloc 220V WH-MDC12G6E5

Pompa de caldura Aer Apa Panasonic

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cod: WH-MDC12G6E5  
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Informatii suplimentare si pareri Pompa de Caldura Panasonic AQUAREA High Performance 12kW Mono-bloc 220V WH-MDC12G6E5


For new installations and low consumption homes.
Maximum savings, maximum effi ciency, minimum CO2 emissions, minimum of space.

High Performance helps you to meet strict building requirements and reduce building costs

The heating and production of domestic hot water have a very important impact on the energy consumption of a house. Efficient Panasonic Heat Pumps can
help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the house.

Key points of the line-up

· Improved performance with COP’s up to 5.08
· Reduced energy consumption through our “A” Class circulating pump
· Remote controller functions added: Auto mode, holiday mode, power consumption display

Panasonic has designed the new Aquarea Bi-bloc and Mono-bloc Heat Pumps for homes which have high performance requirements.
Whatever the weather, Aquarea can work even at -20°C!
The New Aquarea is easy to install on new or existing installations, in all types of properties.

High Performance Pumps are also Highly Efficient (take the WH-MDC05F3E5 for example)

Advanced Controller for H Generation

Improved visibility & Easy operation with large full dot LCD display and large touch panel!

Remote controller can be removed from indoor unit and installed in living room.

Key Points:

Full large dot LCD screen (3.5 inch): High resolution screen with backlight, easy set up, check conditions easily, flat, innovative design, temperature sensor included in controller.

Remote controller

Panasonic has introduced a new remote controller to improve performance, enhance comfort and deliver maximum savings.

New function for installer:

· Floor heating concrete dry mode: Allows for a slow increase in temperature of underfloor heating via software.
· Heating and Cooling Mode: Authorised PRO Partners can enable the cooling mode through a special operation via the remote controller on site
· Circulating pump speed can be selected on the remote controller
· Pump speed is selected automatic based on demand

New function for End User:

· Auto Mode: Automatically changes from heating to cooling depending on outdoor temperature.
· Energy Consumption Display: Displays the Heat Pump’s energy consumption, split by heating, cooling and domestic hot water, showing the total consumption figure.
· Holiday Mode: Enables the system to resume at the preset temperature after your holiday



Producator Panasonic
Suprafata acoperita 170 ... 220 mp
Sarcina Termica 10 ... 13 kW


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