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Aer Conditionat PORTABIL VORTICE Polar M 15 EA 9000 BTU/h

Aparat de aer conditionat mobil Vortice

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cod: Vortice Polar M15EA   Garantie: 24 Luni
9.334 lei
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Refreshes and dehumidifies the air.

It conditions the air both in the living areas of the home and in the office.

Vortice Polar M 15 E A Split has an electronic control panel and an infrared remote control.

Safety certified by TÜV-GS Performance EER and yearly consumption (according to EN 14511) are TÜV certified.

You can programme the unit to come on and off for several one hour intervals during a 12 hour period.

It is easy to programme as the bottons are the same on the control panel and on the remote control.

The infrared remote control is designed ergonomically and can be used up to a maximum distance of 10 meters from the unit.

The automatic drainage system: converts the condensate water into steam which is then mixed with the hot, damp air and extracted by the external unit.

Thanks to its small size and its elegant design, the internal unit is suitable for all types of areas (domestic or professional) and for all types of decoration (traditional or modern).The quality of the design only highlight sits exceptional technical perfomance.

Vortice Polar M15EA


Producator Vortice
Capacitate nominala 9000 BTU/h
Clasa energetica racire A
Garantie 24 Luni
Suprafata acoperita 0 ... 25 mp


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