Aer Conditionat PANASONIC STANDARD PAC-I INVERTER S-100PK1E5A / U-100PEY1E8 380V 36000 BTU/h

Aparat de aer conditionat Split Inverter Panasonic

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cod: S-100PK1E5A / U-100PEY1E8   Garantie: 24 Luni echipament, 60 Luni compresor
18.090 lei
Livrare standard in 1-3 zile
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Informatii suplimentare si pareri Aer Conditionat PANASONIC STANDARD PAC-I INVERTER S-100PK1E5A / U-100PEY1E8 380V 36000 BTU/h



Wall PACi Standard and Elite Inverter+. High heating capacity at -7°C
The extension of the range to include a 7,1 kW unit allows for many more applications such as studios, gyms, high ceiling areas and even computer server rooms.

New wired remote controller with Econavi function control

Easy to use, attractive, clear design, with new demand control functions and energy consumption display! This useful feature makes this remote control unique!
The new CZ-RTC3 wired remote control is ideal for integration into the most demanding interior architectures.
The touch panel features a very sleek and easy to use display, which with its compact display is only 120mm x 120mm x 16mm.

New Econavi Sensor

The all new Econavi Sensor detects presence in the room, and quietly adapts the PACi or VRF air conditioning system in order to improve comfort and maximise energy savings.

The unit’s compact design and flat face ensure discreet installation, even in a small space.

Washable front panel

The indoor unit’s front panel can be easily removed and washed for trouble-free cleaning. 


Closed discharge port

When the unit is turned off, the fl ap closes completely to prevent dust getting into the unit and to keep the equipment clean.


· New! 10.0 kW capacity unit
· Flat face design for modern appearance
· Compact design offers over 15% reduction in overall size
· Washable front panel
· DC FAN for better effi ciency and control
· Three directional piping outlet
· Easy connection and control of external fan or ERV using the connector PAWFDC on the indoor unit PCB. The external device can be control by the remote control of the Panasonic indoor unit

Quiet operation

These units are among the quietest in the industry, making them ideal for hotels and hospitals.

Smooth and durable design

The sleek, compact design ensures a discreet installation - even where space is limited.

Piping outlet in three directions

With three options for pipe outlets - rear, right and left - installation is made easy.


Control your air conditioning from wherever you are at home. Control your comfort and effi ciency with the lowest energy consumption

Panasonic has always offered its customers the most efficient Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners. Now it has taken a step forward and presents a control solution taking advantage of the latest Cloud Technology to enable you to manage your climate system from anywhere in the world.
Control your environment from your smartphone, tablet computer, any Android device or from a PC with Internet access using this add-on service. Offering the same functions as if you were at home: start/stop, Mode Operation, Set Temperature, Room Temperature etc.
Experience the new, advanced functionality provided by Panasonic to achieve the best comfort and efficiency with the lowest energy consumption.

S-100PK1E5A / U-100PEY1E8


Producator Panasonic
Capacitate nominala 36000 BTU/h
Capacitate racire BTU/h [nominal (min - max)] 30708 (9212 - 33096)
Capacitate incalzire BTU/h [nominal (min - max)] 30708 (7165 - 35826)
Capacitate racire kW [nominal (min - max)] 9.0 (2.7 - 9.7)
Capacitate incalzire kW [nominal (min - max)] 9.0 (2.1 - 10.5)
Clasa energetica racire A+
Putere absorbita racire 3.37 (0.53 - 3.80) kW/h
Putere absorbita incalzire 2.43 (0.41 - 3.00) kW/h
Curent absorbit 5.45 A
Tehnologie Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Ready
Garantie 24 Luni echipament, 60 Luni compresor
Greutate unitate interioara 14.5 kg
Regim de functionare [min ... max] -15 ... +43 gr C
Suprafata acoperita 75 ... 120 mp
Dimensiuni unitate interioara 1065 x 230 x 300 mm
Dimensiuni unitate exterioara 940 x 340 x 996 mm
Greutate unitate exterioara 73.0 kg
Culoare unitate interioara Alb
Gama Standard
Debit de aer [min - mediu - max] 13.0 m³/min
Incarcare suplimentara agent frigorific 50 g/m
Teava conexiune lichid 3/8 "
Teava conexiune gaz 5/8 "
Kit de instalare inclus Nu


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