Aer Conditionat de PARDOSEALA PANASONIC CS-Z25UFEAW / CU-Z25UBEA R32 Inverter 9000 BTU/h

Aparat de aer conditionat Pardoseala Panasonic

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cod: CS-Z25UFEAW / CU-Z25UBEA   Garantie: 24 Luni echipament, 60 Luni compresor
6.748 lei
Livrare standard in 1-3 zile
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Informatii suplimentare si pareri Aer Conditionat de PARDOSEALA PANASONIC CS-Z25UFEAW / CU-Z25UBEA R32 Inverter 9000 BTU/h


New Floor Console

· Can be installed on R22 pipings
· More efficient than ever and higher savings
· Heating mode down to -20°C with high efficiency

Inverter technology exceptional energy-saving performance

Panasonic Inverter air conditioners are designed to give you exceptional energy savings and performance, whilst also ensuring you stay comfortable at all times. At the start up of an air conditioner’s operation, powerful operation is required to reach the set temperature. After the set temperature is reached, less power is required to maintain it.
A conventional non-Inverter air conditioner can only operate at a constant speed which is too powerful to maintain the set temperature. Thus, in attempting to achieve this, it switches the compressor ON and OFF repeatedly. This results in wider temperature fl uctuations leading to wasteful consumption of energy. The Panasonic Inverter air conditioner varies the rotation speed of the compressor. This provides a highly precise method of maintaining the set temperature. Unlike a conventional non-Inverter air conditioner which consumes a lot of energy, Panasonic Inverter air conditioner reduces wasteful operation - giving you energy savings of up to 50%¹ on cooling mode.

The advantages of inverter air conditioners. Comparing Inverter and non-Inverter air conditioners


Why Panasonic Inverter is better?

Panasonic leads production of compressors around the world. This fact is giving tremendous technology advantage in the core part of heat pumps. That’s why Panasonic Inverter provides quicker response, thanks to higher maximum performance, meanwhile lower speed level of compressor allows to keep temperature with minimum effort. Additionally Panasonic provides 5 years warranty in compressor.


Electricity Consumption Comparison. During Cooling Up To 50 %1 energy savings.

1. Comparison of 1.5 HP Inverter model and 1.5 HP No Inverter model (Cooling)
Outside temperature: 35 °C / 24 °C. Remote setting temperature: 25 °C with Fan speed (High) Vertical Airflow direction: Auto, Horizontal Airflow direction: Front.
Total power consumption amount are measured for 8 hours from starting. At Panasonic Amenity Room (size: 16.6 m²) This is the maximum energy savings value, and the effect differs according to conditions in installation and usage.

Technical focus

· New! This units can be installed on R22 pipings
· More efficient than ever for improved energy consumption and higher savings
· Heating mode down to -20°C with high efficiency
· Double airflow for better efficiency
· Powerful mode for quick temperature setting
· R410A refrigerant gas

Healthy air

· Soft dry operation mode
· Odour-removing function

Energy, efficiency and ecology

· Maximum efficiency Inverter system
· R410A refrigerant gas


· Super Quiet
· Powerful mode
· Automatic vertical airflow control
· Hot start mode
· Automatic restart

Ease of use

· Real time clock with single ON&OFF timer
· User friendly infrared remote control

Easy installation and maintenance

· Removable, washable panel
· Maximum connection distance 15m (E9, 12), 20m (E18)
· Maintenance access through the top panel of the outdoor unit
· Self-diagnosis function

Upper & lower vane blow

Console designed for discreet integration on walls, and for high performance, specifi cally in heat mode even when the outside temperature is as low as -15°C.
Double airfl ow for improved comfort and temperature dispersion: through the top for an effi cient cooling mode, through the bottom for quick heating.

Upper & lower vane blow

Optimum air fl ow from the top and bottom of the unit assures that even your feet are kept comfortably warm. (Only during heating)


Detalii produs


Producator Panasonic
Capacitate nominala 9000 BTU/h
Clasa energetica racire A++
Garantie 24 Luni echipament, 60 Luni compresor
Regim de functionare [min ... max] -15 ... +43 gr C
Suprafata acoperita 0 ... 25 mp


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